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Coconut oil is produced by pressing the dried white meat of the fruit from the coconut palm, the coconut. Like palm oil, coconut oil is a tropical oil that is solid at temperatures below 25 °C. This oil consists for about 50% of lauric acid, a saturated fatty acid.


Polyunsaturated fat


Monounsaturated fat


Saturated fatty acids

Most coconut oil comes from the Philippines and Indonesia.

Colour and flavour
Coconut oil is solid at temperatures below 25 °C and has a white colour. The product has a neutral smell and flavour, both in solid and in heated form.

Coconut oil consists for about 90% of saturated vegetable fats. Saturated fats are highly insensitive to heat and oxidation. As a result, the oil has a longer shelf life and does not become rancid or toxic during frying as quickly. Coconut oil is perfect for frying and deep-frying. It can also be used to eat as is, for instance in a sandwich. Coconut oil can also be used as a facial cream. The product is 100% natural and does not contain any additives.

Logistic data Coconutoil 500ML
Full pallet sizeL: 80cm x H: 133cm x B: 120cm
Units per pallet1080
Units per layer108
Layers per pallet10
Number per box6
Total number of liters540
Total weight in KG500
Logistic data Cocnutoil 20KG
Full pallet sizeL: 80cm x H: 133cm x B: 120cm
Units per pallet45
Units per layer9
Layers per pallet5
Number per box1
Total number of liters978,3
Total weight in KG900 KG

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  • Coconutoil 500ML
  • Cocnutoil 20KG
Product Coconutoil 500ML
DescriptionCoconutoil 500ML
Article number12725
content500 ML
Net weight0,46 KG
THT18 maanden
EAN code8718182611298
Product Cocnutoil 20KG
Article number35153
content21,74 L
Net weight20 KG
THT12 maanden
Packaging Coconutoil 500ML
Color capWhite
Packaging Cocnutoil 20KG

Product specifications

ingredients declaration
100% vegetable oil (Coconut oil)
Nutritional composition
per 100g
per 100ml
per 100g
3700 kJ / 900 kcal
per 100ml
per 100g
100 g
per 100ml
of which saturated fatty acids
per 100g
91 g
per 100ml
monounsaturated fatty acids
per 100g
7 g
per 100ml
polyunsaturated fatty acids
per 100g
2 g
per 100ml
per 100g
per 100ml
Storage conditions

Keep at room temperature 20 degrees and protected from light. Close tightly after use.

Shelf life

For shelf life of each product, we refer you to the page packs.



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