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Organic fryingoil

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> No additives

> 100% natural

> No anti-foaming agent (E900)


Polyunsaturated fat


Monounsaturated fat


Saturated fatty acids

Organic deep-frying oil

Organic deep-frying oil is a truly excellent deep-frying oil without additives. The difference is the high percentage of monounsaturated fat of as much as 82%! This makes the oil very neutral in flavour and extremely intense. When heated, the oil remains light in colour for a long time and does not become turbid very quickly. You do not smell the oil in your deep-frying area and the deposit in the deep-frying pan also remains minimal. This makes fry cooks very enthusiastic about this product. Deep-fried chips and semi-fresh chips are fried nice and crispy in this deep-frying oil. Contact us for a trial delivery.


Colour and flavour

Organic deep-frying oil has a pale yellow colour and entirely neutral taste.



Organic deep-frying oil is highly suited for frying crunchy chips, hot snacks, doughnuts and fish.

Logistic data Organic fryingoil
Units per pallet72
Units per layer24
Layers per pallet3
Total number of liters720
Total weight in KG720

Kies uw type verpakking

  • Organic fryingoil
Product Organic fryingoil
Article number12172
content10 L
Net weight9,2 Kg
THT18 maanden
EAN code8718182611380
Packaging Organic fryingoil
TypeBag in box

Product specifications

ingredients declaration
100% organic sunfloweroil (high oleic)
Nutritional composition
per 100g
per 100ml
per 100g
3700 kJ / 900 kcal
per 100ml
3404 kJ / 828 kcal
per 100g
100 g
per 100ml
92 g
of which saturated fatty acids
per 100g
9 g
per 100ml
8 g
monounsaturated fatty acids
per 100g
80 g
per 100ml
74 g
polyunsaturated fatty acids
per 100g
11 g
per 100ml
10 g
per 100g
per 100ml
Storage conditions

Keep at room temperature 20 degrees and protected from light. Close tightly after use.

Shelf life

For shelf life of each product, we refer you to the page packs.



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