In addition to our own brands, we also produce oils under private label. We can help you produce a simple vegetable oil, such as sunflower oil, rapeseed oil or olive oil, under your own private label. We can also produce a unique blend of different oils for you and issue them under a private label.

The benefit of a private label is that it sets you apart from the competition. You can exercise your exclusive right to your label or offer it to the market yourself. This may enhance the image or public profile of your company or trademark.

We offer numerous options in terms of the composition of vegetable oils, packaging size and packaging type. How about your own blend of deep-frying oil? Would you like it in a 1-litre PET bottle, 5-litre can, 10-litre or 15-litre Bag in Box? Full colour or label only? As you can see, the options are limitless.
We can also take care of the design for you, entirely in your own house style.


  1. Orientation phase: Together with you we determine the product, the type of packaging, the purchase quantities and the costs.
  2. Packaging choice and design: We discuss the design of the packaging or the label. You can supply it to us, or we can develop a design and go over it with you.
  3. Trial phase: We have a trial product developed and discuss this with you to see how everything looks in practice.
  4. Production phase: We have your products filled in the correct composition, type of packaging and batch.
  5. Delivery: We deliver your products to the required location.

Please note: A private label is subject to a minimum purchase quantity. This depends on the type of product and type of packaging.


If you have any questions about the options for a private label, contact us via the contact page. We will be pleased to organise a meeting with you.