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About us

Dear customer,

Oiltrade was established ten years ago inspired by a passion for quality oils. It all started with twenty boxes of sunflower oil delivered to our first customer. Now, ten years later, we delivery thousands of pallets and numerous containers to a wide range of customers in the Netherlands and abroad every month. Having started as a small one-man business, I now work with a great team. Together, we are looking for the best vegetable oils every day. Our strength is our network. We know the market like no other and we know exactly what the production process looks like. That way, we can offer our customers the best oil at the best price.

I do not want to depend on a refinery or processing plant. In my view, we can obtain the best oils by remaining independent. Only then can we guarantee the most competitive prices in combination with the best quality.

Helping customers
We want to help our customers with their business and together come up with the best products. No problem if that costs some time, as our customers' success is, indirectly, our success as well. We regularly discuss with the best "fry cooks" in the Netherlands how we can help them fry the best chips in the Netherlands. Good oil is indispensable for this. That is why we launched the concept "Meesters van de friet", Masters of Chips, a few years ago. We supply deep-frying oil that makes the best artisan chips.

Caring for our earth
I want to contribute to a more sustainable world. We have to, because we work with natural products. I intend to package more and more oils in cardboard, our "bag in box", as plastic is an out-of-date product we really should not use any longer.

Adding oil to fire
We make the difference. Our knowledge gives our customers the opportunity to set themselves apart from the competition. We can supplement our oils with additives or aromas to create a unique flavour valued by consumers. We don't mind going the extra mile or - if you will - adding oil to your fire.

Kind regards,

Lars Schipper