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We deliver quickly, at competitive prices and in the desired packaging


Oiltrade is a young and innovative company specialised in vegetable oils and fats. We listen closely to you as entrepreneur to know what criteria our oils and fats have to meet. We offer you the desired product in the right packaging.

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Fryingoil Summum Extra

available in 3 types of packaging

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Fryingoil Summum Longlife

available in 3 types of packaging

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Fryingoil Summum Special

available in 3 types of packaging

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Sojabean oil

available in 5 types of packaging

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Rapeseed oil

available in 6 types of packaging

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available in 2 types of packaging

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available in 3 types of packaging

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available in 7 types of packaging

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Our excellent relations with refineries and traders worldwide help Oiltrade meet your wishes and needs. We deliver quickly, at attractive prices and in the desired packaging.


This is our headquarters and our visiting address. It is also the location of our warehouse, from where we send 95% of all our oils directly from stock.


(Czech Republic)
This is where we produce deep-frying oil for the European market every day. From this location, we deliver our deep-frying oil in different packagings throughout Europe.


Oiltrade markets a lot of sunflower oil for a broad customer base. We do this in cooperation with certified and professional partners. This location is perfect for delivering top-quality oil, which we process in several kinds of packaging.


Olive oil, the liquid gold, is one of the products that shows Oiltrade's passion. Olive oil has to be traceable these days in order to guarantee compliance with quality criteria. Try our olive oil from this fertile region in southern Europe. You will be sure to taste the passion.

Oiltrade works in accordance with the trade principle…

The TRADE principle sets us apart from our competitors. TRADE stands for Timeliness, Result, Assortment, Durability and Expertise. Get to know us to experience the difference.


We deliver orders so quickly if possible.


We guarantee a competitive price.


We have a product for every question.


We are economical our earth.


We know where the best raw materials are to be found


Han Go

Better performance for quality fry cooks

Oiltrade develops deep-frying oils that make the difference compared to the well-known brands in the world of deep frying. By carefully selecting the best raw materials and adding them in the right qualities we create unique products with unique frying results. Oiltrade's own brand is SUMMUM deep-frying oil. A lot of entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and abroad already use SUMMUM oil to their great satisfaction and would not want anything else. Test one of our products yourself and experience the difference in frying performance with our new generation of deep-frying oil.

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